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€ 9,00

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Over .koeln

The city of Cologne will get not one, but two custom extensions: The international .cologne and the German Koeln (alternative spelling of Cologne). The .koeln extension is aimed at anyone with a connection to this vibrant city. Not only if you live or work there, but if you have an interest for the history, the traditions and the culture of the city in general.
However, unlike many other geographic extensions, this is not an obligation. Even without such a bond you can register .koeln domain and even use it to write about Berlin, to name an example. Ultimately, the .koeln extension is largely self-regulating.
Sunrise and Limited Registration Period
In June 2014, the Sunrise for .koeln will start. All trademark holders, inside or outside of Cologne, will be then able to apply for this domain. They will be able to do so immediately after the start of the so-called Sunrise Limited Registration Period in which priority is given to companies and organizations (not individuals) that can actually prove close ties with Cologne. For example, by proving they have an office address or publications which clearly show that it the domain will be aimed at Cologne. Registration in this period is free for the first three years, then the regular price will apply. As of April 15, 2014 the .koeln can be registered for such registration by www.punktkoeln.de. Later, the domain must be activated via Open Provider. Full terms and conditions can be found on the website of the registry.
The first phase opened in the startup period of .koeln is the Landrush, which starts on August 26. Registration is open to everyone, but the pricing structure will be for those who have a serious interest to register their domains with priority: namely, the price drops every 24 hours according to the following schedule:
Pricing .koeln landrush

DayFrom (UTC)To (UTC)Price

Day 1
August 26, 09:11
August 27, 09:11
EUR 105.000

Day 2
August 27, 09:11
August 28, 09:11
EUR 52.000

Day 3
August 28, 09:11
August 29, 09:11
EUR 26.000

Day 4
August 29, 09:11
August 30, 09:11
EUR 10.500

Day 5
August 30, 09:11
August 31, 09:11
EUR 2.599

Day 6
August 31, 09:11
September 1, 09:11
EUR 1.049

Day 7
September 1, 09:11
September 2, 09:11
EUR 549

Day 8
September 2, 09:11
September 3, 09:11
EUR 279

Day 9
September 3, 09:11
September 4, 09:11
EUR 119

Day 10
September 4, 09:11
September 5, 09:11
EUR 59

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