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Over .frl

Friesland or Frisia is a province in the north of the Netherlands, and is the largest Dutch province if one includes areas of water. .frl is the domain extension for Friesland. If there is a province in Holland with its own identity then it certainly is Friesland. Of course the language speaks for itself, but in the field of sport Friesland holds a unique position: the Frisian lakes, Frisian handball, and the traditional sport of pole-leaping and not to forget the Eleven cities tour. No wonder Friesland is so popular with tourists - the mainland, the water and the islands.
The .frl domain connects the feeling of being 'Fries', both personally and professionally, in the tourism or otherwise.
The Netherlands is one of the countries with the most .nl domains registered per head of the population. If this is extended to the 650.000 inhabitants of Friesland, then there is a potential market for 200.000 .frl domains.
Although the main target of the .frl domain is the Frisians, this extension is not reserved for them only: anyone can register a .frl domain and use is immediately.
An additional advantage is the possibility to use accented characters, which the Frisian language contains. Just using the official name "Fryslân" has led to difficulties: fryslan.nl was the domain name used in the past. Now, there are no more restrictions and fryslân.frl may be used as the home base for Friesland on the Internet.
The launch phases
After a quick Sunrise, .frl is immediately opened for the wide public on the 2nd of February at 14:00 CET (13:00 UTC) in the so-called Landrush. During this Landrush, applications are collected and when it closes, applications will be assigned to the registrants in order of priority. The registry identified the following groups (in this order). In all groups a Frisian entity is prioritized above a non-Frisian entity.

Trademark holders

Governmental bodies

Company and trading names

Private individuals

Requesting a domain in Landrush is technically similar for every group: no special parameters are required. The registry will contact the registrant in case validation is necessary.

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