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Over .dance

That dancing is popular can be seen in the many television shows in which dancers are competing with each other; these programs are, without exception, watched by millions. The .dance registry, Rightside, have ascertained that in the United Stares alone there are more than 25,000 professional dancers, 23,000 dance studios and more than 38,000 choreographers on LinkedIn.
Dancers are passionate about their sport and want to share their enthusiasm with the world. The .dance domain give them a digital podium.
The target audience for the .dance domain are of course dancers, but also dance studios, competition organizers, instructors and choreographers. A domain registered with a .dance extensions, will be easily found by your target audience and you can even use an impressive e-mail address.
The a 'dance' domain name is popular has been recently been proven by the recently sold domains such as dancecentral.com (for $19.500) and dance.mobi (for $7.800).
A .dance domain may be registered by everyone.
The Rightside Registry is part of the Demand Media Group, the world leaders in domain registration. With a diverse portfolio of extensions ranging from .dance to .rocks and .pub to .ninja, they offer everyone looking for a unique domain name a chance. Brand owners also have the opportunity to use the DPML service to block their brands in all of their extensions for a highly reduced price.  

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